The Drive-Thru Salvation: A Believer’s Story

After accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I wrote a short fictionalized story of how I envisioned God offering me a new life. Time and time again, I refused. My own hardened heart and unhealthy thinking gave me a life filled with the same old outcomes – broken relationships, bad self image, depression, and on and on. One day, at my lowest of lows, I finally chose God.   Here is my story of “The Drive Thru Salvation”

The Drive Thru Salvation
I am sitting in the drive thru at my favorite fast food joint and its pouring down rain. Seems to rain every time I pull up to this place. I roll down the window just enough to hear a voice come through the speaker, “May I help you?”

I order the usual, no big deal, nothing special, simply what I can afford and is predictable. I drive forward to the first window to pay and get my cash out for the purchase.

“What do you think its worth?” asks the man. “How much are you willing to pay?” I am confused, but give him a few bucks, just enough, the typical payment, what I’ve always paid.

“Alright,” he says, “If you think that’s good enough, drive up and get what you ordered.”

I think, “That’s strange, why would he say that? It’s what I’ve always ordered and what I’ve always paid. Why would this time be any different?”

Pulling up to the next window, the order is ready and the same man who took my order and my money passes the meal through the window.

Smiling, he says, “You can take this, drive away, and come back another time to get the same thing OR you can listen to what else I have to offer.”

“Something else? Really?” I think. “I don’t have time for this. I am good with what I always get. What else could he possibly offer me that I don’t know of already?”

I am curious, “Ok, I’ll bite. What else do you have?”

Eyes shining, he says the following, “Your order is what you like, it’s what you are used to and it’s predictable. You pay and pay and pay for the same thing over and over and over. What I have to offer you is so much more than that. A meal you have only once and one that is so nourishing and satisfying that you will choose nothing else. It is unlike anything you’ve ever had before. You will never be the same again.”

“Yeah, right!” I retort, rolling my eyes, “What’s the catch? How much is this incredible meal going cost me?”

He smiles again, with a look of knowing I would ask that exact thing. “It’s free. Already paid for. How about it? Do you want in?”

I sit in my car staring at the man and all the while the rain outside continues to pound the parking lot and everything in it.

“Who am I,” I think, “to be offered this? Too good to be true, there has to be a catch.”

He read my thoughts, “There is nothing you need to do but accept it.”

Still smiling with glorious sparkling eyes, his voice pierces through my mind and heart, “My beloved, I have been waiting. This is what I have always wanted to give you. Today, will you accept or will you drive on through?”

Cory Lebovitz

Org charts don’t build thriving teams - you do!

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Cory Lebovitz

Org charts don’t build thriving teams - you do!

john pavlovitz

Stuff That Needs To Be Said

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