The S.C.A.R.s. Method®

The S.C.A.R.s. Method® was developed to help people find healing from trauma through  journaling. The acronym stands for the process of healing emotional and spiritual wounds into scars. Each letter represents a step in the journey to disengage from the trauma or event, discover the effects, assess ourselves and where we are in the journey, and develop a plan to rebuild the emotion, thought, and spirit. Finally, the small “s” stands for sharing our experience with others through storytelling to offer encouragement and hope.

SEPARATE: Separation offers a holistic view of the story and taps into undiscovered perspectives
CLARIFY: Clarity allows us to find the root cause of our emotions, coping mechanisms and thought patterns
ASSESS: Assessment takes stock of ourselves and where we are in the healing journey
REBUILD: Rebuilding offers a toolbox of planning to move forward and clear directions on seeking help and the next steps
share:  Sharing our sufficiently healed self with the world offers hope and encouragement to others

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