Michelle Andrea Williams lives in Central Pennsylvania with her dearest friend and husband, Greg. She works full time for a healthcare analytics company and writes in her spare moments. She likes writing, gardening, eating peppered bacon, researching genealogy, reading the Bible, drinking coffee, and spending time with her grandchildren, not necessarily in that order. She loves her God, Savior, her husband, family, friends and pets, Sandy and Marvin (both of which passed away in 2016), and now new member, Sugar, a tail-less tabby who loves to sleep.

A member of Carlisle United Methodist Church in Carlisle, PA, Michelle co-leads a monthly women’s group with her Sister-in-Christ, Sherry, and assists Greg in teaching an Adult Sunday School class. Michelle is many things to many people, but most of all, she is a beloved child of God who is forgiven, loved, ever changing and made flawless through Jesus Christ.

“Finding My Damascus” is her first book.

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