Michelle Andrea Williams, MBA, is a data specialist manager for an acclaimed healthcare analytics company. She has over two decades in business management, employee training, quality systems, procedure writing, supply chain, and human resources. She became an author with the publication of “Finding My Damascus” in 2017. Michelle currently serves as the Nonfiction Authors Association Chapter Leader helping others build their authorship business and learn more about the book publishing industry. She wrote and published her first book, “Finding My Damascus” in July 2017 and released two workbooks in 2018 and 2019. She developed and trademarked a process for emotional and spiritual healing called The S.C.A.R.s. Method® in 2020. Michelle teaches small group sessions in person and online on The S.C.A.R.s. Method®, and other topics including healing from trauma, journaling to heal, changing habits, and self-care. Michelle is many things to many people, but most of all, she is a beloved child of God who is forgiven, loved, ever-changing and sufficiently healed through Jesus Christ. She lives in Central Pennsylvania with her husband, Greg, and her cat, Miss Kitty. cropped-img_1788.jpg

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