Treasure Box Cure? An RA and Believer’s Story

Pain is a cruel master forcing me to think of relief in lieu of lovely things like planting lettuce or hiking or vacuuming. Yeah, rather vacuum the whole stinking house than deal with this - it's a bugger! Come on remedies - unite!!!

Tending The Beloved – Out Now!

OUT NOW!!! Are you looking for curriculum for your small group in 2019? Or searching for a tool to help you through deep wounding to achieve sufficient healing? This workbook is for you. The workbook is a labor of love and learning to help those struggling with wounds - some realized and others in need … Continue reading Tending The Beloved – Out Now!

What Does Sufficient Healing Mean? A Writer’s Story

What does it look like to be sufficiently healed? That is the question I asked while writing the two workbooks (soon to be launched into the universe). What does sufficient mean? Sufficient -¬†according to Miriam-Webster, the definition is "enough to meet the needs of a situation or a proposed end". Let's go with "enough for … Continue reading What Does Sufficient Healing Mean? A Writer’s Story