The Broken Vessel: A Believer’s Story

I was a broken vessel with pieces scattered. I had broken what He made long ago. I could no longer see parts of me. Pieces chipped, fell away. Completely shattered. I asked my Creator to take me over. I surrendered each fragment. I gave Him all my brokenness. He was there in the midst of the mess picking up my pieces.

God gathered me. By His own hands, God pieced me back together. He reformed me and placed me in the fire. He cured me to live a life through Jesus Christ. He filled my empty vessel. Whole, complete, reborn, renewed, filled. Cracks and flaws still show to allow His Light to come through and shine.

My husband, Greg, and I went to a beautiful concert last Friday night in Hershey, PA to see JJ Heller, Jason Gray, and Josh Wilson. It was an intimate setting of around 300 people. The artists shared their stories and struggles, the reasons behind their songs, and gave stellar performances.

One of the songs from Jason Gray is “Glow In The Dark”.  Our flaws and cracks allow the light of Jesus to shine through. Enjoy and remember, God uses our brokenness to allow others to see Him.