What I Write Daily – A Writer’s Story


I get paid to write. That is the writer’s dream, isn’t it? To get paid to do what you love to do! Yes, I write five days a week for a healthcare analytics company out of Boston, MA. I love what I do, love the people I work with, and love what this fast growing company stands for – integrity, innovation, fairness, and customer-focus.

It’s brainy, scrappy kind of company, a think tank of brilliant people working towards one goal – offer the customer the best product and customer service that will transform their business life – a product they cannot see themselves living without. And the company does it very well.

My job -manage and focus the News Team. We write about healthcare, hospitals, doctors, legal issues, labor, who is buying who, what hospitals are closing and on. We go out, look for news and transform it into brevity articles for the customers to access precise, concise news.

Brevity writing is a skill I had to hone to do my job well. Taking three to five pages (sometimes 20+ paragraphs) and hyperfocus the content into one paragraph – we do this 35-40 times daily. This practice changed how I write, but I love the outcome – it spills over into my personal writing – although you can’t tell from this blog post. I’m already into paragraph four.

Concise thinking, writing, and editing are such skills I never thought I could master. And I wouldn’t say I have mastered it, but I am better. Translating the conciseness into workbooks and books have a purpose. I want each word to have meaning, no fluff, and few descriptive avenues (ha, threw that one in). I don’t want to waste time anymore, mine or the reader’s – it’s valuable and precious.

Say or write expressively yet precisely – meaningful and powerful – those are my goals now with brevity writing. I want the reader to be encouraged, to find hope and focus. I encourage all writers to edit with brevity as the filter. What is most meaningful will rise to the top. Leave your concise, brevity comments below! Let’s see how brief and meaningful we can get.