Every Storm has a Rainbow

Chloe Yelovich is a senior at Clear Brook High School and part of Kingdom Student Ministry at Friendswood United Methodist Church in Friendswood, TX. Read her story of the night her house flooded during Hurricane Harvey…
“If you get nothing else out of this post, I hope it is this. During periods of dark, when you think no one is there, I promise you someone is.” ~Chloe Yelovich

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My house flooded.

That’s one of the most common sentences I’ve heard lately as a South Houston native. My story is the same. My house flooded. Hurricane Harvey turned many people’s lives upside down, including my own.

I live right on a creek. It was a beautiful wooded lot, filled with raccoons and owls and snakes. We had a large backyard complete with a pool. It was our own private paradise. There was room to run around with the dog or to kick soccer balls over the fence or to tan in the summer sun. The house was an old two-story home, filled with imperfections and character. There was a door frame tracking the family’s life in inches. There was a smiley face drawn into the texture of the wall. There was memory after memory symbolized by a window or a picture.

Torrents of rain began crashing down Saturday night…

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    1. Keep writing Chloe – you never know how God will use your words to reach others! Thank you for sharing your story, it really does make a difference to hear from someone who went through this tragedy. Bless you and let us know how we can help.

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