How to Start a Small Group: A Journey

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I am an introvert – which means I enjoy being by myself. I regain my bearings and rejuvenate my spirit when I am alone.  It is my time to rest and dwell in a sanctuary space. But when it comes to a journey, there is something about traveling together that causes the experience to become richer and multifaceted. Going it alone can be pretty scary.

A small group meets at our house once a month for a great meal and conversation. Women of Faith and Friendship came about when two ladies, Sherry and I, felt led to do two things. Sherry felt strongly to have ladies gather for a dinner ever so often and develop friendships. I believed God wanted Greg and I to open our home for events and so we did. A need to gather and a sanctuary space in which to do it – check.

We gather, we eat, and we talk. Homemade delicacies and freshly prepared foods are wonderful – but the most remarkable thing about these events is the conversations of the most intimate life stories, fears, reservations, and successes. God shows His hand in these moments and we have witnessed valuable revelations and understandings.

The ladies feel safe, cared for, and loved. That kind of atmosphere is essential for Small Groups – we just happen to have great food, too! Our journey together is a gift and we are traveling along God’s path to a better understanding of Him and ourselves. The sanctuary we have asked God to create in our home, in which I enjoy to rejuvenate, is now enjoyed by others – to partake in the food, enjoy the friemdships, and grow in our faith – this journey is better shared.

Have you thought about starting a Small Group of your own? Are you looking for “How To” resources? Here is a great article to give simple and important guidelines on forming your own Small Group.

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Developing volunteers and those who lead them

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