My Brain on Hiatus, Surprising

When Greg, my husband, and I went on a two week cruise, we were forced to unplug. It was fairly easy with a gorgeous ocean, shore excursions, and reading. It became a vacation within a vacation, a hiatus from social media. As the days progressed, I found my mind occupied with other things and taking in the present. The hiatus became a challenge from God, “What more can you do without this distraction?” I gave myself the month of February to answer His question.

So how does my brain work? Just like most people’s – it gets into habits. Click, click, read, scroll, hand to mouse or smartphone – all habit. My brain capacity, seemingly infinite, is now limited on how much it can process. This due to age and Rheumatoid Arthritis. When my brain is filled and tired, it fogs over. Even simple words fail to come to the surface. I would give you an example, but honestly, I can’t remember any.

What does that look like – my brain taking a hiatus? Rested, serene, open, relieved and so many more descriptive words of a very positive affect. It is a wonder I accomplished anything at all prior to vacationing from social media. Was it necessary? More than I wanted to admit. I expected my brain to enjoy the break, but I did not anticipate other affects. What surprised me most? My hands.

On this hiatus, both my brain and hands sought other things to do, but my hands were the ones aching to be active. Gripping the cordless tool to build my Valentine’s Day present – a Milwaukee tool box – made my hands felt powerful and strong and my brain satisfied. In the warm heated pool with my grandsons, my hands flew over the surface making waves and splashing as they squealed to swim away calling “Polo” to my “Marco”, my brain laughed. My hands held my Grandfather’s Bible and felt the wisdom and age from the words and his use, my brain breathed sanctuary.

I am enjoying this – life with low stress and lots of freedom for both brain and hand. I am on board with the journey God is leading me through, this lesson of breaking habit, showing up to the present, and enjoying the physicality of doing. I think of the First Commandment “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” Exodus 20:3. To me, it means God saying, “Look what you’ve been missing.” My habits, my interference, my addictions, whatever it is keeping me distracted from what God has planned, that is the little “god” put before my Creator.  To answer God’s question, “What more can you do?” Anything He wants to give me – my brain and my hands are ready.