Ode to the Amazonian Families

To all the spouses and families of Amazon employees, this is for you.  Wishing you a peaceful peak season.

Amazon peak season comes but once a year
A season in which the spouse longs to be near
To their beloved Amazon employee
Whom they dearly love, but rarely see

The spouse stays as busy as the fulfillment center
Being the holiday planner and festivities presenter
The children run and play to and fro
Where the spouse gets the patience, no one knows

Long days begin early and well into the night
The spouse knows their Amazonian’s plight
Support and understanding is necessary to maintain
The Amazon employee from feeling the drain

The light begins to appear as Christmas nears
The spouse sees the end of peak ever so clear
The home fires have been burning so bright
The spouse embraces the beloved Christmas Eve night

Christmas Day arrives with thankfulness all around
The children rejoice over presents found
The spouse is grateful, heart open wide
For their Amazon employee is by their side

From then until the next peak season to come
The spouse rejoices with a smile and a hum
For the next ten months, a normal life is here
Until Amazon peak season begins again next year

624950_orig.pngRemember, when you shop during the holiday season, use Smile.Amazon.com and give to your favorite charity. #YouSpendAmazonGives