I Surrender, Lord, but… A Believer’s Story

Playing video games with a four-year-old is quite an experience in patience and cooperation, both for me and my step-grandson. Our "scheduled" sessions of operating game controllers with our thumbs is contingent on his good behavior, eating all of his dinner, and minding his Mommy. During game time, he must share, take turns, be nice (not say, "I got … Continue reading I Surrender, Lord, but… A Believer’s Story

Upcoming Book, “Finding My Damascus”

Join me on the journey of "Finding My Damascus" to see first hand how God's love and grace through Jesus Christ transformed me from a depressed, unhealthy,  and broken woman into who He created me to be - all His. Coming July 21, 2017, available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle, and through other retail, … Continue reading Upcoming Book, “Finding My Damascus”