Writing creates a solid formation of our thoughts, emotions, imagination, and memories. It captures the esoteric air of unspoken words and forms a concrete structure to be viewed and awed. Journaling takes it to a more intimate level, the private side of how we think, and what we believe, in essence, it untangles the tangling of thoughts, emotions, and deepest wonderings.

The S.C.A.R.s. Method® was developed to help people find healing from trauma through writing and journaling. The acronym stands for the process of healing wounds emotional and spiritual wounds into scars. Each letter represents a step in the journey to disengage from the trauma or event, discover the effects of the trauma, assess ourselves and where we are in the journey, and develop a plan to rebuild the wounded parts of emotions, thoughts, and spirits to find sufficient healing. Finally, the small “s” stands for sharing our experience with others through storytelling to offer encouragement and hope.

SEPARATE: Separation offers a holistic view of the story and taps into undiscovered perspectives
CLARIFY: Clarity allows us to find the root cause of our emotions, coping mechanisms and thought patterns
ASSESS: Assessment takes stock of ourselves and where we are in the healing journey
REBUILD: Rebuilding offers a toolbox of planning to move forward and clear directions on seeking help and the next steps
share:  Sharing our sufficiently healed self with the world offers hope and encouragement to others

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