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Writing My Truth

My truth, raw and unfiltered. It pours out like water. My truth may not be what others want to know. My truth may be taken and examined under a microscope. I pray it does. I pray for inner reflection, to find the commonality, to see the possibilities. I want my truth to mean something to someone,… Continue reading Writing My Truth

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Pain in 402 Words

My writing goal is a 1,000 words a day. Some days are productive and I reach beyond. Some days, not so much. Writing is my pouring out. It is my time machine back. It is my mirror. Today, only 402 words came. I pray before beginning asking God for guidance. Whatever He wants me to write, I… Continue reading Pain in 402 Words

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The Drive Thru Salvation

After accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I wrote a short fictionalized story of how I envisioned God offering me a new life. Time and time again, I refused. My own hardened heart and unhealthy thinking gave me a life filled with the same old outcomes - broken relationships, bad self image, depression, and on and… Continue reading The Drive Thru Salvation

Following God, Surrender

I Surrender, Lord, but…

Playing video games with a four year old is quite an experience in patience and cooperation, both for me and my step-grandson. Our "scheduled" sessions of operating game controllers with our thumbs is contingent on his good behavior, eating all of his dinner, and minding his Mommy. During game time, he must share, take turns, be nice (not say,… Continue reading I Surrender, Lord, but…

Following God, writing

Upcoming Book, “Finding My Damascus”

Join me on the journey of "Finding My Damascus" to see first hand how God's love and grace through Jesus Christ transformed me from a depressed, unhealthy,  and broken woman into who He created me to be - all His. Coming July 21, 2017, available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle, and through other retail,… Continue reading Upcoming Book, “Finding My Damascus”